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Aptamers agains ALS - September 2022 link

Predire Alzheimer usando il machine learning - June 2022 link

Alzheimer's: a machine learning approach to identify genetic predisposition - June 2022 link

Unico compito di un virus è quello di riprodursi - January 2021 link

How deos the replication of SARS-Cov2 work - November 2020 link

From ERC, ASTRA: a new study on neurodegenerative diseases - November 2019 link

Synergy Grant for the First all-Italian Project on the Diagnosis and Control of Neurodegenerative Diseases - November 2019 link

Messenger RNA Acts as a Chaperone to Protect Cells - August 2019 link

New Acquisitions on the Mechanism of Genetic Inheritance Associated with the X Chromosome - May 2019 link

Neurodegenerative diseases: Discovered the Role of RNAs in Toxic Protein Aggregates - February 2019 link

RNAs play key role in protein aggregation and in neurodegenerative disease - January 2019 link

Regulation of alpha-synuclein and link to Parkinson's disease - December 2017 link

Our section of Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences - August 2017 link

Special PhD award to Davide Cirillo, July 2017 link

Our H2020 grant on personalised medicine - La Vanguardia - June 2017 link

The Global Score algorithm [Italian] - Le Scienze April 2017 link

Our methods to predict protein interactions with non-coding RNAs - La Vanguardia - February 2017 link

Size matters and structure too - CRG News, February 2017 link

'Blobs' inside cells could be key to neurodegenerative diseases - CRG News, June 2016link

How to know transcription factors by the company they keep - Atlas of Science, December 2015link

By the company they keep - Life@CRG, October 2015 link

Cover of Molecular Biosystems - July 2014 link

Human cells, proteins and RNA - La Xarxa, April 2014 link

Collaboration with Hospitals - CRG News, December 2014 link

catRAPID, a guide to understanding the role of non-coding RNA - Elipse, July 2011 link

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