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Welcome to the cleverSuite! In this section, you will find:

Two lists of proteins are compared using physicochemical features (e.g., hydrophobicity, RNA-binding propensities etc). The differential analysis is used to build models for the cleverClassifier

Set-wide classification using model built with the cleverMachine

Analysis of multiple protein sets, generation of models and statistical analysis (ROCs, p-values, GO, etc)

Analysis of Gene Ontology annotations for a sets of proteins (enrichments and dynamic visualisation of classes)

Analysis of individual physicochemical features for two sets of annotated protein sequences

Available models

We make available to the community a number of algorithms for predictions of protein features.

Please see submissions page for what has been featured so far!

We are offering an opportunity for you to share your results with us. Please email the authors with your submission reference plus a short interpretation to get listed.